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Total Laparosocpic Hysterectomy has never been this easy!

We, Team AH Endo Surgicals in collaboration with Renowned Gynecologist and Laparosocpic Surgeons redesigned the simplest ever uterine manipulator, Known as Halder's Manipulator.


  • Brief History

    This instrument was designed by a Gynaecologist of West Bengal, India who had difficulty during TLH due to perforation caused by his vaginal assistant regularly in his initial time of laparoscopic surgery. This instrument is solely based on a rod with a nut like rotating device. The concept of cervical guard on the shaft of the instrument made changes and the assistant couldn’t perforate even with greatest force in which he was practiced to. Following this, the device with modification made from factory distributed to his local colleagues for use and they also got excellent results. Now this modified simple instrument is being used in West Bengal and some other centres outside West Bengal in India with the same benefits.

  • Primary Objective

    To evaluate the efficacy and safety of the newly designed uterine manipulator ‘Halder’s uterine manipulator’ in performing TLH.

  • Secondary Objective

    1.To determine the chance of uterine perforation by forward pushing force during manipulation.
    2. To determine the ranges of movement of the manipulator and satisfaction level by laparoscopic surgeons.

  • Study Areas

    Study Period: March 2018 to May 2019

    This prospective descriptive study was conducted at different centres in West-Bengal, like Joymala Memorial Hospital, Kalyani, Care and Cure private Hospital, Barasat, IQ City Medical College, Durgapur, Eden Hospital, North 24 Parganas, Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata, Ruby General Hospital, Kolkata by different laparoscopic Surgeons after obtaining due consent from them to participate in the study. The surgeons of those hospitals were provided with Quality Assessment Questionnaire for feedback. The instrument was provided to them for trial in their cases and method of use was taught by YouTube video demonstration.

  • Study Materials

    246 cases were done laparoscopically following a standard and simple technique using Halder’s uterine manipulator in different centres in West-Bengal of which 200 cases were shortlisted as they fulfilled the inclusion criteria’s of Halder’s manipulator. Age, weight and BMI of each patient were asked to be recorded by the surgeons. The information of total number of TLH with their indication, previous operation history, average time taken for each operation, estimated blood loss in ml were asked to be recorded by the surgeons in each operation. Surgeons were provided with the Quality Assessment Questionnaire sheet to be filled up in due time. The data collected and analysed.

Meet Our Team Members

Mrs Anjama Halder

Propeitor: AH Endo Surgicals

Dr Abhijit Halder

Consultant Gynecologist & Laparoscopic Surgery Specialist

Mr Anik Dey

Business Development Manager